Top 6 Halloween Kids Movies

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In honor of Halloween, I thought that I would make a list of my top 6 favorite movies to watch with the family to get in the Halloween spirit.

Hocus Pocus

Sanderson sisters <3

Sanderson sisters <3

This has not only got to be one of my favorite Halloween movies, but honestly it’s just one of my favorite movies in general. It’s a charming and comical story of three Salem witches (The Sanderson sisters) resurrected, 300 years after their hanging, by a teenage boy. Putting, not only himself, his younger sister, and love interest Allison in danger, but all of the children of Salem as well. They meet up with a talking cat named Binx, formerly a young man, who is out to avenge his younger sister. They band together in an attempt to stop the witches from sucking the souls out of small children before sunrise the morning after Halloween. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? The movie is great, however, it would be nothing were the witches not cast perfectly. Bette Midler plays Winifred Sanderson. She is the leader, and certainly most frightening of the three. Sarah Jessica Parker plays the role of the dim-witted, flirty Sarah Sanderson. This is the only time I have ever enjoyed Sarah Jessica Parker, so that tells you something. Then, to top it all of is Kathy Najimy, as the goofy, and perky Mary Sanderson. When you add in the fantastic music, most notably Bette Midler’s “I Put a Spell on You”, this movie just can’t lose. The children, teenagers, and adults in your family will all genuinely enjoy watching this movie.


Curious George Halloween Boo Fest



I’m sure we have all heard of Curious George before, as he has been around since the 30s. In this special, George and The Man In The Yellow Hat spend Halloween at their vacation home in the countryside. While there, George’s friend, and neighbor, Bill tells him of a local legend; “The Legend of No Noggin.”. “No Noggin” is a scarecrow, who comes back every Halloween night to kick the hats off of the heads of anyone who happens to wonder past his tree. George, being the curious little monkey that he is, becomes determined to learn all of the details of how “No Noggin” came to be, and why it is that he kicks hats. It sounds a bit silly, I know. However, it is perfect for young kids. It has become my 2 year old son’s favorite, and we have watched it every day of October.. Sometimes more than once. He can quote it. It’s actually kind of sad. Haha. I will say though, it has just that tiny bit of creepy, without actually venturing over to scary. I don’t even mind watching it as many times as we have, as it is very cute and actually has some pretty great music. I often find myself cooking dinner and singing “Cause we’re living in a kinda, sorta haunted house!” to myself, and I don’t even mind.


Nightmare Before Christmas

We all want to be Jack and Sally...

We all want to be Jack and Sally…

If you haven’t heard of Nightmare Before Christmas before this post, you are probably from some remote island and have just recently acquired electricity… Ha, no, but really, chances are you have already heard of this one. It’s a story of a skeleton named Jack who lives in, while also playing the pseudo mascot for, Halloween town. The world that he lives in contains monsters, witches, vampires, and all sorts of other friendly, yet spooky, characters. Though Jack is supposed to be a model citizen, he finds himself not quite enjoying their way of life as much as he once did. While taking a walk to clear his head one night, Jack wonders into an area deep in the woods containing a large row of trees. Each tree containing a different door shaped to represent a different holiday (though he doesn’t know this). He opens up the door shaped as a Christmas tree, enters it, and upon discovering the magical world of Christmas, becomes obsessed. He even tries to introduce the idea onto his Halloween friends… You know, of course, that this leads to all sorts of different debacles. There is also an undertone of love story between the main protagonist, and a sweet rag doll named Sally, looking to gain some independence from her creator/father figure. Again, I must also mention the music. This movie has so many great songs that you will probably hop on iTunes and by the soundtrack… Like, right now.. Do it.


The Halloween Tree

So. Many. Feelings.

So. Many. Feelings.

This movie holds a lot of meaning to me. The first time I watched this movie was in 1994. I was 5 years old, and I watched this movie with my dad and my older sisters. It is about death, essentially, and it was my first time ever experiencing that concept. I loved the movie, but it also affected me a lot. The next year, two days before Halloween, my dad passed away. That night, I watched this movie. The last time I had watched it was with him… This movie isn’t silly, like the others on this list. It has a very dark feeling to it, and is also quite educational. Not to say that it isn’t a good movie for kids, or it is in any way boring, however. It is about a group of kids on Halloween night. They all get ready to go out trick or treating. Jenny is a witch. Ralph is a mummy. Wally is a monster. Tom is a skeleton. They all meet up at their designated meeting place, expecting to find their best friend Pip there as well. However, Pip never shows up. They know that this is his favorite holiday and that he would never bail on them, so they head over to his house. When they get there, they find Pip on a stretcher, being loaded into an ambulance with his parents at his side. They go to his door and find a note from Pip, explaining that he didn’t want to spoil there holiday, but he was having serious, life-threatening medical problems. Of course, they head straight to the hospital to visit, taking a short cut through the woods. While walking, they spot, what looks to be, Pip running. They follow after him and notice that he is strangely translucent looking. They follow him to a mansion, where they meet Mr. Moundshroud. This man is disgusted that they do not know the origins of their own costumes. After spotting Pip stealing a jack-o-lantern (that looked like Pip) from his house, Mr.s Moundshroud and the children follow Pip through time and learn all about the origins of Halloween, and of their individual costumes. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it is one that will stick with you. It is VERY worth watching. I know some may be reluctant to show a movie with such a dark story line to their children, but take it from me, they can handle it, and it is good for them.


Double Double Toil and Trouble

My former idols in all of their adorable glory.

My former idols in all of their adorable glory.

Ahh.. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This movie stars the Olsen twins, back when they were still young and adorable. It is about two young girls, who are tired of being twins and wish to be seen more as individuals. Their family is in debt, and decides to ask their evil Aunt Agatha for a loan. During their visit, they learn that their sweet, kind Aunt Sophia, who was their evil aunt’s twin sister, had gone mysteriously missing seven years ago. They soon find out that their Aunt Agatha had been trapped in a mirror by her sister and a magic stone that she possessed. On the 7th year, if she is not yet released, she will become banished forever to the netherworld. The twins set out on a mission to help save her, and release her from the mirror before the end of the night. Oh, they also become friends with a creepy midget clown and a homeless man.. So, that’s cool. It’s a very cute movie, with a great lesson. Also, what kid does doesn’t love Mary-Kate and Ashley? Even if they are kind of irrelevant now. (Sad! :[ )

There they are. My personal suggestions as to what you should be watching with your family on the creepiest night of the year. Hope you enjoy, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What are your favorite Halloween movies? Let me know in the comments below.

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