Holidays away from home

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While it is always nice to spend your holidays at home, celebrating with family, doing so every single time could cause you to miss out on some seriously amazing alternative ways to experience these special times. I have recently become obsessed with Germany at Christmas-time and how perfect it is. This revelation got me thinking about other holiday possibilities that could be out there. I have thusly concluded, that these are my must-experience holiday destinations:

White House Easter Egg Roll


I don’t care what anyone’s personal feelings towards the president are; this would be cool! For the last 136 years the White House has hosted an Easter egg hunt for children to come and find eggs. They then proceed to race those eggs across the White House lawn against other kids of your age group. The event also includes music, food, and of course a chance to sit on the Easter Bunnies lap and hang out with the president! How many kids get to say that they have done this? Well, I’m hoping my kids will one day be in the group that can.


New Years Eve in London, England

New Year’s Eve in London sounds amazing! The entire city becomes one giant party! I know that can be said for most large cities around the world on this particular night, however, it’s not everywhere that you count down the start to your New Year to the 155 year old gongs of Big Ben, and get that first kiss of the year in front of a fireworks display like that!

Lake Tahoe Independence Day


You can find fireworks everywhere you go in the month of July here in America. There are mini fireworks shows going on in most residential streets for a solid month every year. However, the good stuff usually goes down in the big cities on the 4th. I’ve been to many a fireworks display in my life. Some quite impressive, some would have been better spent playing with sparklers in my back yard. Haha. But for the most part, my best memories of this day always involve barbeques, bon fires, swimming, fire flies and family. So when I think July 4th, I crave beautiful scenery and warm Summer air. Add camping and an impressive fireworks show to that and I’d call it perfect! Tahoe, please and thank you.

Christmas in Germany and Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt eröffnet


Due to the recent interest in Germany, and the pure joy I get from looking at pictures of Germany in December, this is a top contender in my book. With the thick, gorgeous snow (man do I miss snow) and all of the lights, it is the epitome of holiday spirit. The streets are full of vendors, and there are hand made ornaments and baked goods being sold everywhere. They really celebrate and go all out with their lights and festivities. It’s truly my ideal holiday picture. Unlike the others, I have chosen two for this category.


This is due to the fact that, before discovering the German’s holiday season, my dream Christmas was Rockefeller Center. I’m honestly not sure what it is about the idea of New York around this time of year, but it just seems completely magical to me. I always pictured putting on a cute sweater, hat and scarf. Christmas shopping down town. Ice skating in the center. Riding a horse drawn carriage through central park. Seeing a Broadway Christmas show. The whole corny, stereotypical New York Christmas experience.

Plymouth Massachusetts Thanksgiving



The parade. The town feast. The stories. The history. The chance to stand in the place where it all went down and forever scar your children with the gruesome tale of how we really came upon this great land of “ours”… How could you not?!




Oaxaca, Mexico for Dia de los Muertos


My first thought here was to choose Salem, MA for Halloween, which is a close second, but then I realized that if I’m thinking dream holidays, I’m doing it right. So here it is. This city features one of the largest and top rated street festivals hallowing this ancient Aztec and Mayan legend. People in costume go to cemeteries to celebrate the lives of those lost by decorating with flowers, skulls, and skeletons. This tradition has real meaning, as well as fun, excitement, and historical significance. Not to mention tons of great food and dancing all night long! All the ingredients for a good time.


Where do you want to go for the Holidays? 

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